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February 13th, 2010



This is a story that a friend told a friend of mine and we think it is worth sharing. This woman had a friend that she hadn’t seen for a couple of months, and she was very well surprised when she met him as he looked fabulous, his face looked fresher and healthier. He looked really well. So after asking what happened, he said he had a liquid lifting. It is just  injecting a filler based on calcium in your face. Imagine how happy my friend’s friend was to find out you can look much better from one day to the other with no surgery or long treatments involved. So he got an appointment for her with his doctor  and went with her to make sure everything went out well. They arrived in the middle of a snow day, fighting the wind that got the flakes in their eyes, so strong was the decision of having the treatment done and be beautiful. But nothing is so perfect.

There was a factor they didn’t have into account : The Human Factor.

She never thought that the doctor could be the drawback of being beautiful and so it was for their surprise. He arrived late, but given the storm it was brushed away, and they went in together as she was scared of the intervention. The doctor  put on his glasses and got a form and very seriously and quite sharply started asking questions to fill it about health, surgeries, story of life, age, and made her feel as she was a complete waste and needed all kind of treatments to be able to walk out the door. All this while she was sitting on a kind of surgery bed, tall and lonely in the center of the room, feeling each minute smaller. She also told my friend that she was trembling and the only thing that all the electrons of her body wanted was to escape from that chamber of torture. He kept on asking, or accusing really, with her friend sitting at her side. And all that to “be beautiful”. She couldn’t resist it, she had to escape and never see that doctor again. And never let anybody put her in the situation of depending on an injection to be beautiful. She understood thanks to that doctor that to be beautiful is something else. To be beautiful, is too be kind and warm, is to have empathy with the other, is to accept some marks of time. It is to be treated well and only accept the help of caring people.

Even if I don’t know her personally, we felt this is a story we would like to share with all of you alchemical people, that won’t let be ill treated putting our beauty into someone else’s bad judgement, or ill treatment. To be beautiful, first we need to be happy and love ourselves, and only from there we will be able to improve ourselves in our own terms and conditions. With no one throwing panic on us for his own benefit, we alchemical woman, can take our own decisions, and be with whoever we want, and get treatment when and from whom we want. No situation is important enough to make us submit to an ill-treatment that will never make us beautiful.


Esta es una historia que una amiga le contó a una am iga mía y opensamos que vale la pena compartirla. Esta mujer tiene una amiga a la cual no había visto en u par de meses, y tuvo una grata sorpresa al verlo porque se veia fabuloso, su cara estaba mas fresca y lozana. El se veia realmente muy bien. Entonces despues de preguntarle que pasó, él le contó que tuvo un lifting líquido. Eso es sólo injectar un relleno basado en calcio en tu cara. Imaginense que contenta se puso la amiga de mi amiga de encontrar algo con lo que podes lucir mucho mejor de un día para otro sin  sirugía ni largos tratamientos involucrados. Entonces el tomó una hora para ella con el doctor y la acompañó para estar seguro de que todo saliera bien. LLegaron en medio de una día de nieve, luchandole al viento que te metía los copos en los ojos, tan decidida estaba de realizar el tratamiento y ser bella,Pero nada es tan perfecto.

Hubo un factor que no tuvieron en cuenta> El Factor Humano.

Ella nunca pensó que el doctor iba a ser el inconveniente para llegar a ser bella, y así fue para su sorpresa. Leegó tarde, pero dado la tormenta esto fue obviado, y entraron juntos a la consulta porque ella estaba asustada por la intervención. El doctor se puso los anteojos y tomo un formulario y muy seriamente empezó a hacer preguntas para llenarlo sobre salud, sirugias anteriores, historia de vida, edad, y la hizo sentir como una sobra que necesitaba toda clase de tratamientos para poder salir por la puerta que entró, sintiendose cada vez mas pequeña. Ella le contó a mi amiga que se sentía cada vez más pequeña. Le contó tambien a mi amiga que estaba temblando y que lo único que querían todos los electrones de su cuerpo era escaparse de esa camara de tortura. El siguió preguntando, o acusando , con su amigo sentado a su lado. Y todo esto “para estar bella”/ No lo podía soportar, tenía que escapar y no ver a ese médico nunca más. I nunca más dejar que nadie la ponga en una situación de depender de una inyección para ser bella. Ella entendió gracias al doctor que ser bella es otra cosa. Ser bella, es tambien ser cariñoso y cálido, es tener empatía con el otro, es aceptar algunas marcas del tiempo. Es ser tratado bien y sólo aceptar la ayuda de la gente al la cual le importa.

Aunque yo no la conozca personalmnete, sentimos que esta era una historia que valía la pena ser compartida con todos ustedes gente alquímica, que no dejarán ser tratados mal poniendo su belleza en manos del mal juicio de otro, o de su maltrato. Para ser bellos, primero debemos estar felices y querernos a nosotros mismos, y sólo desde ahí seremos capaces de mejorarnos en nuestros propios términos y condiciones. Sin que nadir nos tire pániico en su propio beneficio, nosotras mujeres alquímicas, podemos tomar nuestras propias decisiones, y estar con quién querramos, y tomar el tratamiento que querramos cuando y de quién querramos. Ninguna situación es suficientemente importante para hacernos someter a un maltrato que nunca nos hará ver bellas.


April 17th, 2009

Be beautiful and invite your friends to join you in the effort. To be beautiful is not a cosmetic issue, it involves all the areas of your being. You have to work from the outside to the inside and also from the inside to the outside.

Today we will get into a happening that took place at Isabel’s home for many Fridays in a row. Isabel organized a spa day at her home where we took turns to get a masage with Fernanda.  Fernanda Labiano trained as a psychologist had a successful traditional practice for many years. Fernanda was then driven by her investigations on the spiritual aspects of the being and incorporated to her practice the Ayurvedic massage techniques as well as others she learnt at the Osho Center in India, as well as lately at Feinhold, Scotland. In this way she got to blend mind, spirit and body in one practice.  We all felt so lucky to be able to get this full afternoon to meet and chat for hours while we took turns to be treated by Fernanda expert hands, heart and mind. It is incredible how the combination of an actual treatment with laughter, love, home-made healthy food, gossip and belonging to a loving group of friends can do to your beauty. We all arrived with worry-lines and left with smiles. We were not alone, we were understood, we were loved, we were taken care by the best host, our friend Isabel. It is so great to have as a host such a generous friend that would open the doors of her house for all of us to experience what true beauty is. True beauty comes when true love happens. If you could have seen how we came in the door of Isabel’s home a Friday and how we came out the same door some hours later you would have been surprised. We all left with our faces and bodies glowing with joy, ready to face the world because we belonged to a loving group that cares about us.

We alchemical Woman give you today a very substantial tip for beauty:

1- get together with a group of friends.

2-cook healthy and tasty food to share

3-have as a central activity something that you can all do in a turn or together that will be good for your health. e.g. a treatment of any kind, a class of some kind: yoga, gym or reading a book together in turns, or sowing an american quilt as women used to do…

4- be loving and caring to each other no seconds thoughts are needed or invited to this special day.

After this special treatment we can assure you, given our personal experience, you will be many years younger, and most important of all a  happier glowing beauty!


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December 25th, 2008

Yes we can and will be each day more beautiful! We’ll give you our beauty tips and hope you give us some back!