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December 25th, 2008

For centuries men had marked this day with prayers of gratefulness and wishes of transformation and enhancement of the soul. For millenniums men on the northern hemisphere looked up to the sky on December 24th and saw the brightest star in the sky Sirius, aligned with the three bright stars of Orion’s belt, called since ancient times The Three Kings, to mark the exact place where the sun would rise on Dec 25th. It is the winter solstice, thus the beginning of longer and warmer days to come. The sun was, is and will be our provider of warmth, light and everything that grows on this blue planet. The sun is the king of our sky and the adored deity for gone eras of men.

Many cultures in our history chose this day as the birth of God, with capital letters, the omnipresent intelligence of love that makes things go around.

The Ancient Egyptians marked Dec 25th 3000BC as the birthday of Horus, he was the personification of the sun. Every day he had to defeat Set, the god of darkness, so that the sun would come out every morning. He was the son of God, and his birth was announced by the star in the east and adored by three kings. Attis, was born in Greece 1200 BC on DEC 25th and performed miracles during his life. Krishna in India was born Dec 25th 900 years BC. Mythra of Persia was born Dec 25th 1200 BC. Dionyss was born too on Dec 25th in Greece 500 BC. He travelled with his disciples and was known as The king of Kings. For the Jews it is now Hanukah. It commemorates the victory of the Jews over the Greeks, thousands of years ago. Though it symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness. For Christianity it marks the birth of Jesus also announced by the star in the east and adored by the three kings. This date December 25th has been along the story of mankind a very strong astrological and spiritual day for good beginnings.

We don’t mean to say we are any sun, or that astrology is the way things work in the world or that all traditions were based on what our ancestors could see in the dark skies at night. We just listen to the stories of the people that came before us. We listen, and humbly get into the flow of given things. We do believe that this is a day marked through ages of meditation and prayers as good for new beginnings. We would like to start this project as a spark part of a rising sun marked in the sky by three bright stars. Why not have great stories to tell to our kids about what we are doing? Why not create our own lucky constellation in our own sky?

We believe we are part of a bigger scheme that we respect and that we don’t wish to alter in any way, though, yes, we want to get on the back of a white winged horse to ride the skies of bonanza and joy. Let’s use our imagination to create our own myth of blissWe can fly with our own story to the stars. We can do it and you can do it too.

December 25th, 2008

Alchemical Woman

It is now the end of 2008, a very especial crossroad for everybody, everywhere. In all latitudes of the world everything is changing.
An old system of ideas that made the world go round is being shed for a new one that we are now discovering step by step.  It is the perfect moment for us alchemical women to talk and say what we always knew and we always kept for ourselves:WE ARE IN CHARGE OF THE WORLD.Yes we are in charge of the world from the shadows of our homes, delivering our kids, and bringing them up in love and understanding. We are the owners of the software of the world. We have to understand that Obama’s mother was the one to strengthen his soul and determination with her love and consistency. He keeps on repeating that every time he has the opportunity. We, women, can be the change we want to see in the world, borrowing Gandhi’s, a man, words.  Yes they are good at thinking.

Taking this secret as a fact we created alchemical to share our experiences through its different sections that you will discover as different ways of expression of one deeply felt idea.

From this starting point we invite you to fly together on this magic rug called alchemical woman and blog together into a personal space of creativity and joy where silent clear happiness is possible.We normal womenknow that the core of life happens in those unique magical small moments with ourselves, with our kids, with our vegetables in our kitchenthat suddenly blend into the most tasty and unforgettable of mom’s recipes.That is our alchemy: transforming basic elements into the highest expression of love. We alchemical women know that life happens in the small things done well.  Based on this invaluable feminine secret we launch this space to share these apparently insignificant chores that will reprogram the software of the world into a better place.We deeply believe that big changes are possible only through the addition of small good actions. We will conquer our darkest parts through the action of the most elevated form of intelligence that is love applied to every small action of our present.And only from there, we will be able to share our best parts with the best parts of our closest group of people and planet earth as a whole.

We are ready to magnetize the best for ourselves and for our love ones.

Let’s play!

December 25th, 2008

We are all engaged.     We are all ambassadors of each other.    Let’s use our imagination to find new ways to work together and help each other beyond our known parameters.     We all can make a difference.   Let’s share our ideas on how to make a difference.

December 25th, 2008

It is a starting point for the day. It aligns you with the vibration in the air, through a written message, and an alchemical drawing or image.

December 25th, 2008

These are people that transform their everyday tasks into a difference in the life of other people, alchemy in action.  We will share our heroes with you, please share your personal heroes with us.