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December 26th, 2008

Cosmos Explosion

Cosmic Explosion


The magical casts its spell beyond any regular place.

Eternal explosion with no evidence.

December 26th, 2008

….What magic really is?

Is it what a magician does making a coin appear from behind our ear? Is magic when our dream guy invites us out? Is magic the possibility of becoming rich from one day to the other? Or maybe magic is the long waited recognition from our family? Maybe it is to finally fit in this society?

There is always a moment, a day -if not every day- in which we all feel that our life is boring, going nowhere, while everybody else is having so much fun, with so many friends, so many lovers, a perfect family, great children, a lot of money. We always think “the others” get everything with no effort, that they just get lucky. “They have a magic potion we didn’t get”… There are not magic potions for an alchemical woman, these are just desires. Society -that is all of us- makes us crave for what we don’t have.   Desires are a product and we are their consumers.  They are a successful business equation, but no magic.   Desires may write a romantic comedy for our lives but will bring no real happy ending.   Desires are a clever and fun way of pulling our selves forward, nothing else to be found there. 

For an alchemical woman magic is to be realistic.   It is to know what I have, where I am, what I can in this present moment.   This is the biggest way of transcending from our own navel, from our petty desires; from I want it now, from debt. We can be very rich starting by needing very little to be happy. The minimum is the maximum, as homeopathic medicine will say.

We have to be able to see ourselves from outside planet earth and from outside our desires. From there, we have to start with the minimum task.  We have to be ready to execute every small task that come in our way and transcend them into a magical experience.  We can transform an untidy room into a venue for a family party. We can transform our crying child into a happy kid with a kiss and a hug. We can transform ourselves into a beautiful woman with a smile and instantly brushing our worry lines away.   You maybe thinking that you do this every day of your life, of course we all do.   We just have to feel now that this is the ultimate goal of our life.  There is nothing better waiting for you and us out there.  It will slow everything down and will create a new sense of reality. Strange enough, it will feel magic is occurring at last.  We include in this chain of tasks our daily jobs outside our homes too. In going slowly, step-by-step, enjoying it will get creativity into the task and magic will just occur. We know for our personal experience that corporate environment is not always friendly for a creative process. We have to find a personal way through this situation, though. There is always a way, even to leave the job and get another one that fits our personal times better. No job is good enough if it’s getting between the magic of life and us.

Nothing is more important than being here alive today. There will always be another opportunity. Believe us. We are a living example of that. 

Let’s each one of us make a list of desires that didn’t help us in life, on one side, and what we have today to have a good life on the other. First step of a magical path: Alchemy.