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December 31st, 2008


“I finally found the sense of life. I found my place in the world and I realize everything is O.K. “ 

Isabel (10 years old)

December 31st, 2008

It is end of December 2008. Eleven years went by since I started working with Isabel. At that time as you may read in the story I was pregnant and almost dead. Today my daughter Isa, our family code for Isabel, carries the name of her godmother, is not only born and sound but is alive and blessed by the certainty of knowing that she is one with the world. No doubt. No friction.

“I finally found the sense of life. I found my place in the world and I realize everything is O.K. ” ISA

 If we have to go to the very bottom of our encounter with Isabel it always was Isa. It always was to make me stronger to be able to carry her into this world. It then evolved into our friendship and a daily work of creativity and imagination, but that was not the first intention.

Isa, the spark of the story, called me yesterday afternoon, I’m in New York and she is in Buenos Aires, and started singing a song she composed. We established a pact: when she misses me she writes a song and then she sings it to me. Isa wants to be a rock-star, amongst some other many things. So this exercise is very good in many levels. This new song was a really happy song that spoke about the beauties of life even though there are sad moments too. She knows about sadness as all kids do. In her personal case she grew up with divorced parents, frequent case though not easy. Lately we added a lot of missing each other given my job in NY.

Well, coming back to the important part of the story, after she finished singing she said:

  ” Mom I’m very happy. I finally found the sense of life. I found my place in the world and everything is O.K.”

I was so happy! Just imagine! She knew better than I did.

” What is your place in the world then”, I asked.

 Our conversations normally go around her friends, school, who-is-friends-with-whom, and the groups inside the groups, who played with her at break time and who didn’t say hi in the morning, and what she felt about all these happenings. She used the same to explain her feelings.

“ It is very easy for me now. I am happy with who I am and I don’t need to impose myself to my friends any more. If they want to be with me it is O.K., and if they don’t, it is fine too. I don’t get mad at them nor offended. It is incredible what is happening since I feel like that; they all want to be with me! I can now talk with girls and boys equally, I make no differences, and I’m having a very good time. So I feel I found my place in the world, and that everything is O. K. I’m feeling good with you mom and with my dad too. I don’t even care about dad dating the mother of my best friend. It is his problem, and he will have to deal with it. It is not my life, and I’m O.K. with it now. I will keep on doing my thing anyway.”

Wow!!! I was blown away! Isa is an Alchemical Woman at 10 years old. She get’s it! She certainly is the alchemical product of the alchemical work between Isabel, her spirits, and pregnant Lila. Even if nothing else happens with the rest of our work this is already a win. There is no doubt that a cycle is closing today. The new is now to come.

I was on the phone with Isabel and at the same time posting the picture of Isa in Today’s Message, when she gets through the other line. Isa was present in the right moment at the right time. Isa found her place in the world. Magic exists. Alchemy occurs. Life makes sense.