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March 7th, 2009




Our feelings fall drop by drop into our heart. The heart then acts as a filter and catalyzes and transforms raw emotions into intelligent feelings of love and compassion. A purified heart like this one can feed and nourish the human species to come. LIONE & CROFT.

March 7th, 2009

One day a handsome and young man went to the centre of the village and proclaimed he had the most beautiful heart of the area. A big group of people gathered around him and they all admired and confirmed that he had a perfectly beautiful heart, without marcs or scratches.

Suddenly an old man approached them and said: “What are you saying, if your heart is not even close to be as beautiful as mine. “


The multitude and the young man turned around surprised to check that though the heart of the old man beat strongly and soundly it was full of scars and holes and had an irregular shape.


The people looked at each other thinking how could he say his heart was more beautiful?


The young man looked at the heart of the old man and started laughing.


-“ You must be joking- he said- my heart is perfect, and yours is only a mass of scars and pain.”


-“It is true- said the old man- your heart is perfect but I would never have anything to do with you…Look at mine, each scar I have represent a person to whom I gave all my love. I torn pieces of my heart and gave them to each one of them. Many, on return, gave me parts of their hearts, and I’ve put them in the places that were open. As the pieces did not fit perfectly, the shape of my heart is irregular and I’m very happy about that, because those odd borders remind me of the love we’ve shared. There were other times in which I gave my heart to someone and they would not give me their heart back, there I still have holes. To love is to take risks. Even though these wounds are painful as they are still open they hold the hope that one day they will be back to fill the holes in my heart. Do you understand now what is really beautiful?


The young man stood in silence and tears started rolling down his cheeks. He walked to the old man and torn part of his beautiful heart and offered it to him. The old man accepted it and filled an old open hole, then he took a part of his own heart and gave it back to the young man, who then closed the recent open wound with it. The part found its place though not perfectly, as both pieces were different, the shape of the young heart became irregular.


The young man looked down to his heart and it was not perfect any more, but was much more beautiful, because the love of the old man ran inside of him.