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April 17th, 2009




Joy is out there for us ready to transform burden into pleasure. Society is used to push with desire and power and this makes our way very painful. Joy is there to teach us that our path in earth can be playful and happy. We can transform our reality. We can transform our society. We can transform this crisis that is not economical but of values in a wake-up-call to the realization we can live joyfully ever after with no needs of princes or princesses involved in the processes. We just need a perception of life based in the power of joy not in the power of pain.

La alegría esta ahí lista para transformar la carga en placer. La sociedad está acostumbrada a empujar con el deseo y el poder lo que hace el trayecto muy doloroso. La alegría esta para enseñarnos que nuestro paso por la tierra puede ser juguetón y feliz. Podemos transformar nuestra realidad. Podemos transformar nuestra sociedad. Podemos transformar esta crisis que no es económica si no que  de valores en un llamado de alerta para la realización de que podemos vivir alegremente para siempre jamás sin necesidad de  principes o de una princesas involucrados en el proceso. Sólo necesitamos una percepción de la vida basada en el poder de la alegría y no en el poder del dolor. 


April 17th, 2009

Be beautiful and invite your friends to join you in the effort. To be beautiful is not a cosmetic issue, it involves all the areas of your being. You have to work from the outside to the inside and also from the inside to the outside.

Today we will get into a happening that took place at Isabel’s home for many Fridays in a row. Isabel organized a spa day at her home where we took turns to get a masage with Fernanda.  Fernanda Labiano trained as a psychologist had a successful traditional practice for many years. Fernanda was then driven by her investigations on the spiritual aspects of the being and incorporated to her practice the Ayurvedic massage techniques as well as others she learnt at the Osho Center in India, as well as lately at Feinhold, Scotland. In this way she got to blend mind, spirit and body in one practice.  We all felt so lucky to be able to get this full afternoon to meet and chat for hours while we took turns to be treated by Fernanda expert hands, heart and mind. It is incredible how the combination of an actual treatment with laughter, love, home-made healthy food, gossip and belonging to a loving group of friends can do to your beauty. We all arrived with worry-lines and left with smiles. We were not alone, we were understood, we were loved, we were taken care by the best host, our friend Isabel. It is so great to have as a host such a generous friend that would open the doors of her house for all of us to experience what true beauty is. True beauty comes when true love happens. If you could have seen how we came in the door of Isabel’s home a Friday and how we came out the same door some hours later you would have been surprised. We all left with our faces and bodies glowing with joy, ready to face the world because we belonged to a loving group that cares about us.

We alchemical Woman give you today a very substantial tip for beauty:

1- get together with a group of friends.

2-cook healthy and tasty food to share

3-have as a central activity something that you can all do in a turn or together that will be good for your health. e.g. a treatment of any kind, a class of some kind: yoga, gym or reading a book together in turns, or sowing an american quilt as women used to do…

4- be loving and caring to each other no seconds thoughts are needed or invited to this special day.

After this special treatment we can assure you, given our personal experience, you will be many years younger, and most important of all a  happier glowing beauty!


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