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March 14th, 2013

Every success, either material or spiritual, starts from in the brain, or more specifically on the thoughts that each one enters in his or her mind every second of every minute of every day of life. The exterior world is a reflection of the inner world. Controlling our thoughts and the way of reacting to the events in life, one starts to control his or her destiny. That is why we insist that it is a priority to TRAIN THE MIND.

Todo éxito, sea material o espiritual, empieza en el cerebro, o más concretamente en los pensamientos que cada uno introduce en su mente cada segundo de cada minuto de cada día de la vida. El mundo exterior refleja el estado del mundo interior. Controlando los pensamientos y la manera de reaccionar a los acontecimientos de la vida, uno empieza a controlar su destino. Por eso insistimos en que es fundamental ENTRENAR LA MENTE.