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January 6th, 2009

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The Energy of Life


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When a person dies, something leaves the body. What is left is not really considered important. We burn it or burry it. That energy that left was animating the body. And giving it value. That is the energy of life.

Scientifically speaking, the body that remains is also made of pure energy. Ancient eastern spiritual teachers talked about this. Quantum physics arrived at the same conclusion relatively recently. The cells in our body are made of molecules, which in turn are made of atoms. We used to think that the atom was the smallest indivisible block of matter, but then we found it had a nucleus and electrons orbiting around it like the planets around the sun.  The distance between the nucleus and the electrons relative to their size is greater than the distance between the earth and the sun. The atoms are actually mostly space. Later physicists discovered that the nucleus itself was made of smaller particles, and these in turn were divided, until at one point, they found that the smallest component is no component at all, it’s just light. Everything is actually made of the same exact light. The reason why the same light can manifest as so many different things is that those bundles of light that we call atoms are vibrating at different frequencies. Like music, which is ultimately made of vibration, the different tones are different frequencies of that one quality, vibration.

We also know that not all vibrations are visible. Radiofrequencies, x-rays, ultraviolet and infrared energies are not “material”; they are not visible or weighable. But we know how powerful they are. They can be a force in both preserving and terminating life.

Life energy is not visible or weighable either, but it’s power and effect are obvious. It  holds all the molecules of the body together (when this energy leaves the body, it will literally disintegrate). It does so  with an amazing intelligence, organizing trillions of chemical reactions at any given nano-second. It allows thinking, feeling and all the other qualities that are missing on the flesh that is  left behind.

Every living organism shares this same phenomenon. When the energy of life leaves it, it’s molecules, lacking the force that holds them together with such intelligence, fall apart and “return to dust”.

There is a type of photography that provides clear evidence of a great difference between living and dead organisms. I am talking about Kirlian photography.  Look and judge for yourself.

Below is a Kirlian photograph of Broccoli. To the left is the image obtained as soon as it was taken from the earth it was growing in. To the right is an image of the same piece after it was cooked, a process that kills it. If instead of cooking it you leave it in the fridge for a few days, you would see the same loss of whatever those rays are (life energy ?  aura ?) I wonder if  what Kirlian photography is actually showing is the spark of enzymes. 

Kirlian picture of brocoli

Kirlian picture of broccoli

An important distinction between raw and cooked foods is sometimes the enzyme content. Enzymes are the molecules that initiate and facilitate the most important chemical reactions in living organisms. They are known as the “spark” of life.  Our digestion of foods is completely dependant on enzymes. Our body manufactures digestive enzymes along our digestive tract. The manufacturing of these biomolecules is energetically expensive, in other words, in order to make them, our cells have to work hard and spend energy. Food contains enzymes when it is raw. Heat above 118 Fahrenheit destroys its useful properties. Raw foodists argue that this is the main reason that make cooked foods harder to digest and unhealthy. I heard from David Wolfe, a famous Raw Food crusader, that eating 51 % of your foods raw would neutralize the damage of cooked foods. Raw foodists are happy if it’s raw. Live foodists go a step further. Raw food can still be lifeless. Most Raw food eaters also look for freshness, but don’t get as picky with this distinction.

Western scientists, doctors included, are masters at exploring, researching and understanding everything that can be weighed, touched, smelled, looked at under a microscope and counted. But we are only now opening our minds to even acknowledging energies that we cannot measure or control. It is also true that these energies are the most important to us, as evidenced by how differently we feel about a human body that is lacking the energy of life.

The same schools of thought that eloquently and confidently talked about the energetic nature of matter, thousands of years before electronic microscopes or particle accelerators were even thought of, also explained how the intangible energies can also be thought of as food. They taught that humans depend on the availability of these energies for vibrant health. As much as they depend on the essential nutrients that we are familiar with (protein, vitamin, minerals, etc).

Spiritual leader Georges Gurdjieff talked about 3 foods. He explained that our senses are actually “eating” the impressions they receive. What we see, hear, smell, and touch is actually a kind of food that must be provided and digested properly. This concept is supported by cases of humans or other animals that are greatly deprived from sensory stimulus. Animals or humans show failure to thrive under prolonged sensory deprivation. Plant lovers know how plants respond to music. The second kind of food according to Gurdjieff is obtained through breathing. Its digestion begins in the lungs and is completed at the cellular level in our body. We all know what happens after only a few minutes without this kind of “food”. The third kind of food is the only one that we talk about as being food.

If you are the type of person that needs “scientific” proof of concepts before you believe and put them into practice, you may have to wait a long time until our modern scientists develop an understanding of the importance of Life Energy as food for human health.

In the meantime, think about the following:

In the early 1900’s, Dr. Francis Pottenger conducted an experiment in California. He kept two groups of cats separated,  living in exact  environmental conditions, except one difference. One group was fed with raw meat and milk. The second group was fed the exact  quality and amount of meat and milk, only cooked. After some time, the cats  on raw food were healthy and thriving. The cats on cooked foods developed all kind of diseases. Cancer, arthritis, diabetes and other degenerative diseases, all human diseases.

Most people today buy foods in our modern supermarkets. When you take a bird’s eye view of one of them you see that 90 % of the products being sold there come in some kind of container. A box, a bag, a jar, a can, a tube. All these products are not really food. They are food-like products. There is no life in them. Most of them actually are full of chemicals to prevent any life from growing in them. Preservatives, conservatives and other chemicals are mixed with these food-like nonfoods so that bacteria don’t grow in them and kill the bacteria that were in there at the time of packaging. These fake foods are devoid of Life Energy but also of most essential minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients and essential fats. Instead, they are loaded with corrosive fats and the chemicals that give them smell, color, texture and consistency. Once in your intestines, the poisons that killed bacteria in the packages will kill the bacteria in your guts. These bacteria, the Intestinal Flora, are critical for Human health.

The other 10% of edibles in the supermarkets, generally located in the periphery, against the walls, has a somewhat higher chance of providing you with Life Energy. Depending on which supermarket you shop at, it can be more or less. Still, the reality is that there is much room for improvement.

The produce may look colorful and healthy, but this is many times just make up. By large, most of it traveled hundreds if not thousands of miles from its place of birth. The average time from harvest to your plate is between 5 and 10 days. By this time the energy of life is almost all gone. Even if you happen to buy a much fresher vegetable or fruit, if it was conventionally grown, it came from soils that are depleted of minerals. Because farmers know they are overusing the land, they help it with fertilizers. These mostly consist of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium). Plants need about 52 minerals for their health. The rest of the minerals (zinc, magnesium, manganese, iron, calcium, etc) are missing. Plants grow weaker. Their immune systems get weak, making them the target of diseases. Bugs attack the weak plants and farmers attack the bugs with pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and others. Ultimately the attack ends in your belly . Irradiation, waxing and other cosmetic retouches add another layer of chemicals. To top our unnatural practices regarding foods, we are now genetically modifying it, and we have no idea how this ends up affecting us.  Lifeless, loaded with chemicals and depleted of nutrients. Your salad may not be as healthy as you thought.

The fish, often another favorite of supermarket shoppers on a health kick, may just be the bait for fishing diseases. 90% of fish sold in regular supermarkets were raised in fish farms, under such unnatural conditions that instead of producing their staple beneficial nutrients (fish oils), these fish produce other chemicals that should never find their way to your stomach.

Cows today are raised in feedlots, never walk, are fattened with hormones, and are fed with corn instead of grass. Corn, unnatural already to the cow’s digestive system, also has pesticides. It causes them to get inflamed and infected and thus get antibiotics. Only people with good medical insurance should be allowed to purchase in the meat section.

Poultry these days is also raised in overcrowded cages, never see the light of day and are given chemicals that can make your husband grow bigger breasts than yourself and your 7 year daughter start her period.

I am not telling you all of this to scare you, but if it didn’t scare you, there is something wrong. Unless you just don’t believe a word, in which case all you have to do is Google any single one of all the facts mentioned. It may save your life.

My personal experience with Live Foods so far leaves me without any doubt whatsoever of their benefit. I experimented eating only live foods for periods of time and had great results. Usually I get leaner, my skin glows, my eyes get clear and white, I feel lighter, energetic, clear minded and my mood is stable. My bowel movements are frequent and easier, almost odorless. My skin gets smooth and tight. I sleep better. I remember my dreams. My breath is fresh even in the morning before brushing my teeth.

Whenever I start eating only live foods I find myself thinking that I want to do it forever. But consistently, after the second week I start craving cooked foods. And the cravings get stronger by the day until one day I notice a subtle level of anxiety, or my digestion is off. I never went past 3 weeks of consistent and exclusive live foods. 

Keeping a live food lifestyle is not that easy from a practical point of view. It can be more expensive to eat this way as well. Finding fresh enough produce that still holds the energy of life is tricky. It has to be for the most part grown locally and therefore seasonal. There is research involved to find the reliable sources. Sprouting is an important aspect of it and if you can’t find variation of them you have to do it yourself. Nuts and seeds have to be soaked, it is not enough to get them raw. Soaking them activates the dormant life force as they start attempting to give birth to the plant that is waiting inside every seed.

I’ve guided many of my patients to experiment with life foods and had great success , when they were able to follow. Consistently their comments were similar to mine.

In a few cases the live food plan did not work. These patients could not tolerate  it. Gases, bloating, abdominal discomfort were the culprits.

In Dr Gabriel Cousen’s book, “Conscious eating”, he explains that becoming a vegetarian is not as simple as having two salads a day. The B Vitamins and a few other important nutrients are harder to obtain from a purely vegetarian diet. It takes research and a period of adaptation to become one permanently in a healthy way. His book gave an explanation to an observation that repeatedly puzzled me before. Many vegetarians I met through the years had to quit sooner or later, and many that persist are not that healthy. His book talks about vegetarians, not live foodists. There is a difference, but my guess is that many of his explanations for one apply to the other.

Live Foodists are usually intelligent, informed and aware. They believe Live Food is the way nature intended humans to eat. They have really good arguments, which not only address the impact on human health but on the environment as well. It even sounds possible that a global shift to live foods could solve global warming and world hunger. I am still interested and learning.

You don’t need to wait until the final word is out. You can start experimenting gradually. Even if you just increase the percentage of the total food you consume in favor of live foods, you will experience  benefits.

Going 100% live for a period of time is a great way to cleanse and detoxify, something we should all be doing periodically to counteract the inevitable toxic overload that comes with living in any modern city on this planet today. There are many ways to cleanse and detox, from the most intense form, water fasting, to less intense, like following a live food plan for a period of time.

Earlier I pointed out how human diseases were practically nonexistent among the other animals on the planet when living in the wild. In my opinion, there are many reasons for that which in turn are interconnected. These are just a few of them:

1)   Thinking is the ability that makes humans different from every other species. We are proud of it and for the most part think of ourselves as the superior species. We certainly act as if we own the planet and treat every other species as if it was given existence for our enjoyment or use. But that blessing became curse. Thinking, a powerful tool has taken over. It has become an automatic, habitual and toxic process that causes stress with all its consequences. Incessant, repetitive and mostly negative is the basic dysfunction of humanity. It makes so much inner noise that prevents us from listening to our instincts. The loss of instinct has been devastating if for no other reason the fact that we now have to think about what to eat. All other animals do this instinctively

2)   We have departed from the ways of nature and created living environments that are full of chemicals that are toxic

3)   We grow our food in an unnatural way as well with yet more toxic chemicals

4)   We cook our foods

5)   We eat food-like products

Whatever we are doing is not working. We are not at ease, and we are threatening the planet. Global warming experts are finally making themselves heard. As a doctor, I always look for the diagnosis on my patients. If the planet earth is looked at as a patient, a living creature, we immediately notice, Patient Planet Earth has a fever.


Where is it coming from ? What is causing it ?


We can examine the patient, look at its arteries (the rivers), it’s lungs (the forests), It’s ribs (mountains chains) or it’s tissues and cells (humans, animals, birds, plants….). There again something jumps out and catches our attention. There is one type of cell that is behaving erratically. These cells are killing all other cells and each other. They reproduce fast, without respecting the laws of population self regulation according to the surroundings. They produce and release toxic chemicals that irritate, inflame and damage themselves and everything else. Does it sound familiar ? I could well be talking about cancer.

Are we the planet’s cancer ? Will we end up causing the death of the organism that houses us, of which we are actually a cell of ?

If this is the case, what is the treatment ?

Maybe a planetary doctor will prescribe chemotherapy or surgery to get rid of the sick cells.

Or we can start treating ourselves holistically.


Nutrition is one of the main pillars of any sound plan.


I fully agree with Michael Pollan on what should the prescription say. He wrote it on the cover of his latest book, “In Defense of Food”;






Alejandro Junger

Alejandro Junger at his office


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