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January 31st, 2009


Tree of life. The two parts of life. We can always choose between darkness or the ripe fruits. Everything depends on our actions. We can harvest the fruits waiting for us or only receive the darkness of the storm.Tree of Life

Tree of Life

January 30th, 2009


The Convention of the Elementals.

The Convention of the Elementals.

The “Elementals” are conspiring and paving our way in this year of recycling.

January 30th, 2009

Today we will propose you a very basic way of throwing a spell on something we all do quite often: a cake from the box.


Yes alchemical women sometimes have to use the box to their advantage.



Take the mix of the cake form the box.

Follow the instructions as they read in the box.

Have the oven ready,we are sure that this is said on the box too!

Then add all kind of nuts and raisins to the mix and mix well– ALCHEMICAL ADDITION-

Put in the pot-following the instructions of the box- and alchemy will happen again.



Alchemy constantly happens in our lives we just have to notice it!


Let’s make this Friday, the day of Venus, a loving day to share our sweet bread with our close group.


Share, have fun, and LAUGH!!!!!

this part of the recipe is the



January 29th, 2009

The whole Universe is conspiring to help our Planet Earth find its exact place.

Earth in the Universe

Planet Earth in the Universe

January 29th, 2009

It is a slow morning today. It is damp and hot in Buenos Aires. Ideas come and go in our minds as always. We keep on thinking how to recycle ourselves, what do we have, what do we want. What can I give, what do I want to receive. It will take some time to get a clear answer.


An anecdote:

The setting: a mother, her daughter, the stepmother, the father and ex-husband of the first and boyfriend of the latter. The daughter complains to her mother about the stepmother getting in the middle of her relationship with her father. She hates her. She cannot stand her even though she is the mother of her best friend that is turning not to be her best friend any more. She has known her for the last school years as the mother of her friend and everything was ok. Now she is getting in her life with no reason that she can understand.


We all remembered though, how our friend spoke of the daughter of her new husband, now the eldest sister of her own daughter. The same story new characters. The same shared space. The same fight, for the same love, for the same space of power. We repeat ourselves. Life repeats itself till we change. Life doesn’t change alone, it may change names, but not the story told. We only change the story with our new reactions to the same story. We then recycle the story and we recycle ourselves and we are new again.


We all have the ability of changing the story; we only need to change our point of view. As modern physics would show the world exists only because there is someone to observe it. Schrödinger’s cat, a thought experiment was used to proof this idea. It states that as long the cat is in a sealed box it could be dead or alive, alternatively or simultaneously. Only when opened and because of the observer one state will prevail. (check in Google)


“Everything is relative,” said Einstein and the story of civilization changed.


Everything is relative. We can say to ourselves and the story of our lives can change. It can change through our new relative point of view. It is relative that we need to be rich to be happy. It is relative that we have to be beautiful and young to get married. It is relative that we have to be at home to be a good mother. It is relative that we have to succeed in our professional life to certify we are intelligent. It is relative that there is one recipe or one language or one religion that will certify our happiness and transcendence in life. Happiness is relative to our own perception of our place in life. We may be in the same position and feel discouraged about it or we may feel happy about it, all will depend on our point of view.


Here we arrive to the great moment of realization that we have one important task in hands: our point of view. We have to work on recycling our relative view of our own life. We can chose to see our life as new and good. We can choose to fill fulfilled with what we have. We can choose to feel happy with what we are left. We can choose to go for what we deeply want. We can choose to recycle our lives without buying or throwing anything away, we can choose to recycle our understanding and see as new what we are. We can throw a spell of fresh air and love to our life with the right point of view. We will then be ready to live a magical moment now. We will then have magic in our life.