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November 14th, 2012

The knowledge

that we are a spirit in a body

gives us the possibility

to live a life of joy

and be happy.

 How so?

To go inward and feel the simplicity of life, feel the love in the world and given to us to be able to exist and to witness the miracle of life around us and in us. Being without expecting anything , stay and be with ourselves only by love. Without speculating on what benefit me to be with this person or the other , or in this place or the other . We are educated and learned to measure our relationships and actions according to the benefits they bring us , even when we are “good ” we do a projection of our ego so that others can see how good we are .

What do we do to change that speculative measure of life?

We must be able to quantify and qualify what we have. We all have things to praise . Knowing that we all have the capacity and the means to get and do what we want . We must look inward and feel that we have everything that we need and not speculate to receive anything from outside. Feeling this ” completeness” the only thing left to us is to grow our source. Everyone has a personal source to grow and then give to others . Give , give, give without expecting anything . It is so good for you and qualifies what you are. Give without expecting anything makes my source grow . Give without expecting anything connects me with  the  Welfare and the Web takes care of giving me what I need. Give without expecting anything does not mean risky actions of life or death . Give without expecting anything is to help someone sweeping the floor when her arm hurts , is to make people laugh with a joke when they are sad , the actions that most qualify you are those simple golden actions full of love .

Today we get to face life

with our head held high

to make our golden fountain grow 

ready to give and give

without expecting anything .


November 14th, 2012


wear your

invisible crown”


” Siempre

lleva puesta

tu corona invisible”