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September 23rd, 2010

Sandra an alchemical alchimist a member of the magic circle that generates daily in the comments of Alchemical Woman’s posts prepared this delicities with her loving and” alchemizing” hands that transform water anad flour in delicities for the more elevated senses. We introduce you to Sandra the alchemical baker. Sandra’s contact info is The pictures were taken by Jimena also alchemical alchemist of the magic circle her email is jimena (click).

Sandra una alquímica alquimizada  miembro de la rueda mágica que se genera a diario en los comentarios de Alchemical Woman preparo estas delicias con sus manos amorosas y alquimizadoras que transforman el agua y la harina en delicias para los sentidos más elevados. Les presentamos a Sandra la panadera alquímica. El contacto de Sandra es Las fotos las saco Jimena también alquímica alquimizada de la rueda mágica su mail es (cliquear).

April 11th, 2010

Many of us cook very often for our  families and friends. We always find a good excuse for a family reunion and get together around a meal. Now that we are getting deeper in our understanding of the power of our intention has in our reality we want to show you in a practical manner, how it influences our food and in the same way it influences our bodies or the reality around us. We are showing an experiment that all of you can replicate at home, to show the effect our thoughts have on food not only when we cook but when we eat.  Love protects our foods and doesn’t let it decompose and hate rots it rapidly. So our proposal is: when you’re ready to cook let the music you love take over the place, wash your hands and minds, tie your hair and just enjoy the alchemy of mixing the best elements to nurish your bodies, temples of our spirits.

Muchos de nosotros cocinamos seguido para nuestras familias y amigos. Siempre encontramos una buena excusa para la reunión familiar y juntarnos alrededor de una comida. Ahora que estamos profundizando en nuesro entendimiento del poder que nuestra intención tiene en nuestra realidad queremos mostrarles de una manera práctica, como influye en la comida de la misma manera que influye en nuestros cuerpos o en la realidad a nuestro alrededor. Estamos mostrando un experimento que todos pueden replicar en sus casas, para mostrar el efecto que nuestros pensamientos tiene en nuestra comida , no solo cuando cocinamos sino tambien cuando comemos. El amor proteje las comidas y no la deja descomponerse y el odio las pudre con rapidez. Entonces nuestra propuesta es: cuando estamos listos para cocinar dejemos que la música que más nos gusta tome la casa, lavémosnos las manos y las mentes, atemos nuestro pelo y disfrutemos de la alquimia de mezclar los mejores elementos para nutrir nuestros cuerpos, templos del espíritu.

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May 12th, 2009


Alejandro Junger

Alejandro Junger

Tomorrow the book CLEAN will be available in Bookstores in all of the US and is already available in Dr. Alejandro Junger was our first contributor in Alchemical Woman and wrote about Live Food for us. Clean is the conclusion of ten years of investigations and because of that we highly recommend reading it and trying the Clean Program.

A partir de mañana el libro CLEAN va a estar disponible en las librerías en todo Estados Unidos y ya está dsiponible en El Doctor Alejandro Junger fue nuestro primer contribuidor en Alchemical Woman y escribió sobre Comida Viva (Live Food) para nosotras. Clean, que significa “Limpiar”, es la conclusión de diez años de investigación y por eso es que recomendamos la lectura de Clean como también probar el programa.


Clean Book

Clean Book

 “CLEAN, A Revolutionary Program to Restore the body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself” is launching May 12 in bookstores in the US.

We live in a toxic world. We need this information to survive these times.
This is the book I would have loved to find when I was sick and given prescription medications by my peers as the only solution.
It took me 10 years of searching, researching and trying the CLEAN program. You don’t have to wait that long. You can order it today on”
 Dr. Alejandro Junger.

” CLEAN, Un Programa Revolucionario para reestablecer la Natural Habilidad del Cuerpo de Curarse a sí mismo” se lanza el 12 de mayo en las librerías de Estados Unidos.

Vivimos en un mundo tóxico. Necesitamos esta información para sobrevivir estos tiempos.  Este es el libro que me hubiera gustado encontrar cuando estaba enfermos y recibía prescripciones de medicamenos de mis pares como única solución. Me tomó 10 años de búsqueda e investigación y de tratar el programa CLEAN. Ustedes no tienen que esperar tanto. Pueden comprar el libro hoy en”  Alejandro Junger.


Alejandro received this praise for Clean. Alejandro recibió estos elogios por Clean.

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January 30th, 2009

Today we will propose you a very basic way of throwing a spell on something we all do quite often: a cake from the box.


Yes alchemical women sometimes have to use the box to their advantage.



Take the mix of the cake form the box.

Follow the instructions as they read in the box.

Have the oven ready,we are sure that this is said on the box too!

Then add all kind of nuts and raisins to the mix and mix well– ALCHEMICAL ADDITION-

Put in the pot-following the instructions of the box- and alchemy will happen again.



Alchemy constantly happens in our lives we just have to notice it!


Let’s make this Friday, the day of Venus, a loving day to share our sweet bread with our close group.


Share, have fun, and LAUGH!!!!!

this part of the recipe is the



January 18th, 2009

It is a very nice option for a Sunday to start the day baking a cake to share with family and friends later in the afternoon. The Alchemical Woman leads the party, and she leads by serving and serves by leading.

Only bake or cook if you are feeling happy and relaxed to do so. We need to transmit our best energy through our food to our group.

Let’s create a giving ritual. Clean the area where you are going to work. Put on nice music, put on a scented candle or any other option that will lighten and clean the air. Put on comfortable clothes and/or your favorite apron, and let’s go for it with a big smile.

One more thing! Your whole body should be relaxed; your feet separated as your shoulders. 

A useful tip: all the ingredients below should be handy before starting so that nothing is left out.


Alchemical dessert: fruit and nut brownie.


What you will need:

Preheated middle oven

A cookie pan and oven paper so that it doesn’t stick.


2 cups of flour and I tea spoon of yeast or baking soda,  (gluten free pizza mix if you are allergic)

1 cup of brown sugar (better if organic)

2 eggs

2 big carrots or # 3 smaller ones

I teaspoon of ground orange peel and/or 1 teaspoon of lemon peel

2 cups of cranberry trail mix (or any other mix of nuts and raisins that you like)

1/2-teaspoon ground ginger

Ginger or pineapple candies (optional)

Cardamom seeds

Ginger powder

Cinnamon powder

Vodka (sweet wine if gluten allergic) or/and Canola oil




Put on the oven, middle temperature.

Have the cookie pan with the non-stick paper with butter on ready before starting to prepare the mix.


We will work in two separate bowls and then mix everything together.


Bowl 1:

Beat the eggs till they get well mixed together.

Then add the sugar and keep on mixing till you get a soft even golden result.


Bowl 2:

Put the flour and the yeast/baking soda or the gluten free pizza mix

To that add the 2 cups of nuts and trail mix you like better, ginger powder, cardamom seeds, and cinnamon powder. 

Mix everything with your hands.


Pour Bowl 1 into Bowl 2 and mix till both bowls are incorporated into one. 

Add the ground carrots and the tea spoon of orange and lemon peel and ½ teaspoon of ground ginger.

Use the vodka, moscato, (sweet white wine if you are gluten allergic) or/and canola oil as needed to keep the humidity and cohesiveness of the mix.

Spread on the previously buttered cookie pan.

Let it cook for around 25 minutes in a middle-heat oven (it may vary with each oven).


Then cut, as you like better, in squares or rhombus.

Let it cool down and serve together with tea or coffee, or a cold Moscato.