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March 20th, 2009


We are now sharing with you two very different games. 

These games were treated seriously using a vast background in different disciplines as psychoanalysis, study of the being and well-being, the quantic camp, art, design, and multiple other invisible threads that help weave the final result.

These games by no means try to be a tool for you to define your life, but they certainly can be an interesting and fun tool to get to think in what is important for you today to move forward giving the best steps. This is an alchemical game that can only help us if we are respectful with our feelings. 


This is a general divertimento. It is about what is going on in general with us. What is going on inside, what is going on outside and where I want to be. With these general questions in mind I play this light game without thinking a lot I choose one number. And we Alchemical Woman, will give you an answer.


Very personal. I have to take time to think my answer. I have to work with my entity, with my story, my desires, with what I’ve done, with what I haven’t done. I have to take a deeper though about myself and my  present, my work, my love, my personal history, where I’m standing today in my personal environment. This game is not a divertimento, I have to take more time to feel myself. I have to take time to choose. I have to take time to get a deeper feeling of me with myself,  me with my being that will continue the journey once we leave the physical world.  Recalling all the above I choose one number.


Today we will get started with THE GENERALIST.

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